to install on a zgemma you can use jedi plugin which can be found HERE
the url for jedi is mainportal.co.uk and the port is 80

or you can use e2m3ubouquetmaker
enter your username and password in this GENERATOR it will create a script for you to use in putty


Step 1.
Install downloader app

Step 2.
Open downloader app and and search streamkings.ovh the app will download you can then install it

Step 3.
You can now log into the app with your username and password

Mag box

Step 1.
Press menu on remote and go to settings, chose servers, then Portal and enter the the mag box portal which can be found in your client area. Save it and reload the portal or restart the box


Step 1.
Open google play store and search streamkings smarters. Install it and log in with your username and password

You can also download the app here
click here to download

Smart IPTV app

Install smart IPTV app. if you havent already bought the app you will need to buy it https://siptv.app/activation/

go to this WEBSITE type your mac in the mac box, paste your m3u in the url box ( your m3u is in your client area) chose uk, tick save online and detect epg and hit send. Now restart the app


install streamkings smarters or gse smart iptv app

the url for the log in screen on the apps is emailed to you when you purchase a subscription